Webhooks Available

Here's a list of some common Shopify webhook topics:

  1. Orders:

    • orders/create: An order is created.

    • orders/delete: An order is deleted.

    • orders/updated: An order is updated.

    • orders/paid: An order is paid.

    • orders/cancelled: An order is cancelled.

    • orders/fulfilled: An order is fulfilled.

    • orders/partially_fulfilled: An order is partially fulfilled.

  2. Products:

    • products/create: A product is created.

    • products/update: A product is updated.

    • products/delete: A product is deleted.

  3. Customers:

    • customers/create: A customer is created.

    • customers/delete: A customer is deleted.

    • customers/update: A customer's details are updated.

  4. Cart:

    • carts/create: A cart is created.

    • carts/update: A cart is updated.

  5. Checkouts:

    • checkouts/create: A checkout is created.

    • checkouts/update: A checkout is updated.

    • checkouts/delete: A checkout is deleted.

  6. Collections:

    • collections/create: A collection is created.

    • collections/update: A collection is updated.

    • collections/delete: A collection is deleted.

  7. Shop:

    • shop/update: Details of the shop are updated.

  8. Inventory:

    • inventory_items/create: An inventory item is created.

    • inventory_items/update: An inventory item is updated.

    • inventory_items/delete: An inventory item is deleted.

    • inventory_levels/connect: An inventory level is connected to a location.

    • inventory_levels/update: An inventory level is updated.

    • inventory_levels/disconnect: An inventory level is disconnected from a location.

  9. Refunds:

    • refunds/create: A refund is created.

  10. Fulfillments:

    • fulfillments/create: A fulfillment is created.

    • fulfillments/update: A fulfillment is updated.

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