Refresh Token

Imagine you have a key (an access token) that lets you into a locked room (a secure digital service). But this key has an expiration date; it can only be used for a limited time, like a movie ticket with a showtime.

Now, think of the "Refresh Token" as a secret, invisible hand that can magically give you a new key when your old one expires, without you having to leave the room or re-enter your password.

Here's how it works:

  1. You log into a website or app, and you get an access token (the key) to access the services (the room).

  2. This access token has a timer on it, saying it'll only work for a short while, like an hour.

  3. Before it expires, you can use the refresh token (the secret hand) to ask for a fresh access token.

  4. The refresh token goes to the service's "key maker" (authorization server) and gets you a brand new access token without you having to log in again.

So, in simple terms, a "Refresh Token" is like a hidden helper that ensures you can keep using a service without interruption. It's the reason you don't get locked out of the room even if your key has a time limit. It quietly gets you a new key when you need it, so you can keep enjoying what's inside.

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