Exchange authorization code for tokens

Imagine you have a secret code (authorization code) that allows you to unlock a special door (access to a service or data). The "Exchange authorization code for tokens" endpoint is like the magic key-maker for this secret code. It takes your code and turns it into something valuable (tokens) that you can use to access the service.

Here's how it works:

  1. You, as a user, log in or give permission to an app or website (like logging into your email).

  2. After you log in, you get a special code (the authorization code). Think of it as a ticket with a barcode.

  3. This endpoint takes that code and, like a magician, transforms it into two things:

    • An access token: This is like your backstage pass, allowing you to enter and use the service.

    • A refresh token: This is like a spare key that can be used to get a new access token when the old one expires.

The access token have an expiration time. In HubSpot, the access token expires every 6 hours, at which point you have to regenerate a new one. We regenerate new access tokens every 6 hours using backend workflows using the refresh tokens. You can learn more about this here.

In simple terms, the "Exchange authorization code for tokens" endpoint is the tool that turns your special code into the keys you need to access and use a particular service securely. It's like the bridge that gets you from the front door to the exciting stuff inside.

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